Bull & Surfboard Pack

$699.00$849.00 $649.00$849.00


Bull & Surfboard Pack

$699.00$849.00 $649.00$849.00

Can’t decide if you want a Surfboard or a Mechanical Bull? Why not both?

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Innovative plug ‘n’ play ride system.

Can’t decide if you want a Surfboard or a Mechanical Bull? Why not both? Our motion base systems that power all of our mechanical rides utilise a universal plug ‘n’ play system for all of our attachments, meaning it’s easy to take the bull off the motion base and slide on the Surfboard at a moment’s notice. This means if you hired the ride for 4 hours, you could have 2 hours of bull and then 2 hours of surfboard and not pay full price for two completely separate rides!

Awesome ride experience.

Our team are trained to offer individual, custom experiences matched to the capability of the rider, meaning every match with our bull is better then the last while maintaining the best safety record in the industry. And what’s more, all of our Mechanical Bulls are fitted with huge digital displays, so family, friends and colleagues can battle it out for the best time.

 Spectator’s sport.

Our team don’t just operate the bull, they bring the ride to life. Our Premium Mechanical Bull is an exceptional spectacle that draws massive crowds both young and old.

Unmatched safety by any other brand.

Not all mechanical bulls are made equal. While other brands choose to purchase cheaper and less responsive systems, we pride ourselves on always buying the very best British made Bull systems. Why? We maintain a near-flawless safety record by using better equipment and better training then anyone else. And by utilising bigger safety inflatables (never, ever mats) along with high-power gearboxes that stop quicker to minimise impacts, our bulls are a preferred choice by corporate clients when safety is paramount to success.


3 Hours (Supervised), 4 Hours (Supervised), 5 Hours (Supervised), Overnight (Self Hire)


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