BigFun specialises in team building, corporate events and profit-shares for schools and churches.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve been able to refine and innovate in bringing corporate clients, education & charities amazing choices to help fundraise, excite and inspire patrons of all ages. Our diverse range of attractions, audio/visual equipment, food & beverage machinery plus industry contacts makes us a hub for professionally run and managed simplified event solution

To say Bigfun are awesome is an understatement. They helped us achieve new goals in our fundraising efforts, and they did it effortless by providing a solution that was bespoke to our needs while retaining a simplified, end to end process. Preselling branded wristbands was a unique touch, and having a cohesive range of branded rides made it clear for guests on the day where to go.
– Amanda Hudgenkiss

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Why Choose Us?

Hire our team outright for four or more hours and control the profit or, at little to no cost, pre-sell wristbands and profit-share based on wristbands sold.

BigFun’s team is trained and committed to guest satisfaction while maintaining the best possible safety.

With rides catering for ages 6-60, we’ve got greater flexibility to deliver rides to suit your specific needs.

Our rides are custom designed to handle larger crowds per hour, maximising profit and reducing queues.


Event Types

Team building that brings brands together. Brand awareness that excites.

It’s time to get your team and potential customers excited like never before. Bigfun strives to offer the most unique, engaging and most importantly, most fun corporate team building and brand activation attractions available. From our Human Foosball ride, which takes the traditional Foosball table idea and expands it to a human-scale, or our Giant Twister Inflatables (an Australian first), or even our traditional novelty fun packs such as our big feet or sumo suits, Bigfun has something for every brand. We’re also a slam dunk for offering the absolute highest quality and most impressive rides available that are operated by the industry’s best and most professional supervisors, all of which is backed by the country’s best and unmatched insurance coverage levees.

The perfect marketing tool for driving more attendance.

With events catering to 300+ kids or 400+ adults, we are open to applications of interest for providing specific rides to match the event at little or no cost. All you need to do is provide the space, and we charge a per head/per day cost to guests to cover our operational costs. This is a great way for churches & racecourses to add value to their family fun days without adding additional costs.

Designed for amazing fetes.

We can support and provide almost all food, beverage and attraction needs for school fetes. We do this by providing schools with all day attraction wristbands to pre-sale to students prior to the event day. And with our immense list of party hire equipment, we can help support your school’s fundraising efforts with everything from audio/visual to Snow Cones and Fairy Floss. We also provide schools with optional weather insurance, which covers for event postponement or closure because of poor weather conditions.